Since 2010

We are an international organization for holistically-minded professionals, practitioners, business owners, and resource providers

A community coming together in support of a cause

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Our Mission

We seek to ~

Help people find holistic, natural and eco-friendly products, services and solutions and the professionals, practitioners, businesses and resource providers that offer them. We do this through our growing visibility and presence, creating a bridge to people no matter their level of experience with holistic practices.

To support and build the holistic business community through a network of local Holistic Chamber of Commerce Chapters and through business-building education, networking and collaborative opportunities, online and in person.

Our Vision

Healthier people on a Healthier Planet!

Zero Waste Store

Our Purpose

Our primary purpose is to connect more consumers with holistic and integrated options for health, wellbeing, lifestyle, and business.

We do this by increasing awareness, education, and access through our reference-reviewed Members, website, social media, and public presence.

We also support our Members in building better businesses so they can help themselves while helping others.